Nespresso Roma review: Top reasons to buy this coffee.

The Nespresso ‘Ispirazione’ Roma coffee pods are popular among Nespresso users. They have been designed to kick your taste buds into life with a strong flavour but be smooth enough so that they don’t make you want to reach for the tap to quench your first. So do they do the job? Well in a nutshell, yes. But it depends what you want from a coffee. Read more of my Nespresso Roma review to find out more.

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Nespresso Cosi review: things to check before you buy.

Nespresso Cosi review

Nespresso Cosi capsules is described as ‘mild and delicately toasted.’ Essentially it’s a light roasted coffee blend designed to give you a more subtle but pleasing taste. If that sounds like something you may enjoy then check out the my detailed Nespresso Cosi review. But depending on how you like your coffee this could be a love or hate relationship.


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Nespresso Cosi review summary:

A fantastic tasting coffee when drunk with milk but black coffee, lungo or stronger tasting coffee drinkers may want to look elsewhere.

Score: 3/5.

Flavour: Lightly toasted cereal and fruity notes.

The full Nespresso Cosi review.

Is this an average coffee given that I have only given it 3/5? Well that depends on how you drink your coffee.

In some ways this is a truly excellent drink. But in many others it did not prove itself to be that versatile either. In fact, depending on how you like your coffee you may consider it a 5/5 or a 1/5. Let’s have a look to see how the coffee tasted when drinking it black.

Drinking the Nespresso Cosi black.

The first thing that hits you is the aroma. The smell is not overpowering but it is distinctively nutty and earthy. When putting the coffee to my lips as an espresso it tasted consistent with what I imagined when first smelling the coffee.

I felt somewhat disappointed when tasting it however. As an espresso I detected a citrusy kick when tasting it but the flavour seemed to lack definition. I struggled to detect any defining tasting notes this way and noticed more of a sour flavour that lingered with me instead.

Upon swallowing the coffee I needed a glass of water to quench my thirst. Despite being advertised as a ‘mild’ coffee its slightly bitter aftertaste made me need more refreshment..

I would not try this coffee if you prefer lungos (larger coffee shots). When used this way it became almost flavourless apart from an uncomfortably bitter and watery mess that made me want to reach for the sink and pour the coffee down it.

Drinking this coffee with milk is where it shines.

If you have read this far you may be wondering whether this coffee deserves any kind of decent rating at all but that is far from the truth. I fact, drinking this coffee with milk (especially if you like it really milky) makes it taste considerably better.

Those advertised ‘cereal’ and ‘fruity’ notes suddenly become more noticeable. The coffee has a a gentle but satisfying citrusy acidity to it and is pleasingly sweet.

What I like most about this coffee is how light and refreshing it tastes when drunk this way. Milk will change the complexion of any coffee but unlike a darker roast you won’t get any bittersweet or overpowering flavours.

Unlike some lighter roasts the flavour is also definitely noticeable so you could say it is ‘middle of the road’ in that respect. A solid, everyday coffee.

Who should buy this coffee?

I think it should be fairly obvious by now who this drink is aimed at. I have knocked off points for versatility but since many people probably have milk with their coffee that probably won’t bother them anyway.

If I was just to judge the coffee on how well it tasted with milk, I would give it a 5/5. That is partially based on my subjective preference for how I like my coffee however, so read on for more.

Who won’t like this coffee?

Again it should be fairly obvious by now why I’ve marked this coffee down in certain areas and almost certainly it doesn’t work as a lungo (in my opinion) and something such as the Starbucks Pike Place coffee capsules may work better for you.

The Nespresso Cosi is not the worst drink if you like espressos so don’t get put off too much by my comments as it isn’t overly powerful or too bitter either. However, there are certainly smoother or more powerful coffees out there. To put it simply, there a better espresso style Nespresso coffees out there but it is not the worst either.

For a really powerful espresso flavour, you may prefer to look at something like Nespresso’s own Indonesia or India Master Origins capsules. If you prefer something a bit lighter then their Ethiopia pods may suit you better.

Lastly, whilst it tastes great with milk, some people prefer the bittersweet flavours of a darker roast where the flavour of the roast itself is more prominent (like many chain coffee shops). If this applies to you or you like your flavour to have a bit more ‘kick’ then you may find it too weak for your tastes.

Final thoughts.

By now I hope I have painted a clearer picture so that you have a better understanding as to whether this coffee is worth buying. I don’t think in any respect that it is a coffee that will blow your mind but it would make a really satisfying ‘latte’ style drink if that is what you are after.

And despite the negatives, this coffee will beat many ‘Nespresso alternatives’ out there on the market.