Nespresso Ethiopia review: find out how good it tastes.

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The Ethiopia Master Origin coffee pods by Nespresso are advertised as light roast coffee pods. It is a sun dried or ‘dry processed’ arabica with fruity and floral notes. But how good is it? Check out the key things you need to know in my Nespresso Ethiopia review.

Nespresso Ethiopia Master Origins unboxing.

Coffee: Nespresso Ethiopia Master Origin.

Overall score: 3/5.

Tasting notes: 

Fruity and floral.


  • Excellent when drunk as an espresso shot.
  • Crisp and fruity flavour.
  • Incredibly smooth and light with practically no bitterness.


  • Lacks character when drunk as a lungo (long drink).
  • The coffee loses some of its crisp taste profile when only one shot is used with a milky coffee.
  • Taste may be too delicate for some.

The Nespresso Ethiopia Master Origins capsule.

The full Nespresso Ethiopia Review.

This is a drink for people that prefer their coffee to taste more delicate and complex. In some ways it is a joy to drink and in others not so much depending on what you want from a coffee.

Drinking the Nespresso Ethiopia black.

Drinking this coffee as an espresso shot is where it really shines. The advertised acidity of this capsule is relatively high at 4/5 and this gives the coffee a lively and tart flavour. Kind of like the citrusy taste you get from biting into a fruit.

I detected an floral aroma from the coffee when putting it to my lips. It has a light body, meaning that you experience a gentle sensation when drinking that makes you feel refreshed.

There is very little bitterness when drinking this coffee and it goes down very smoothly. It is a very mild and pleasant drink that I could easily consume on a daily basis but coffee drinkers accustomed to having stronger coffees may find themselves using more than one capsule.

When drinking the Nespresso Ethiopia as a lungo my impression of the coffee changed however. The tasting notes of the coffee are complex and very pleasant but they are also mild and adding water does take a lot away from its flavour.

The coffee itself was still fairly smooth but tasted flat without much character. I struggled to detect much in the way of tasting notes apart from a vague and earthy coffee flavour.

It is not the worst lungo drink I have had but there are better alternatives out there if you prefer larger black coffees. This is not necessarily a criticism of the coffee itself. A coffee is usually made with a certain customer in mind and to me this capsule is clearly aimed at espresso drinkers. 

Drinking the Nespresso Ethiopia as an espresso shot.

Drinking the Ethiopia Master Origin with milk.

Perhaps not too surprisingly the subtleness of the flavour gets lost somewhat when milk is added. There is not much of an aroma when using one shot either.

The coffee tasted very sweet and smooth but lacked that kind of ‘standard’ coffee taste you get with most coffees but that is not a bad thing. In fact I found it quite refreshing.

Unfortunately a bit of that crisp and fruity like acidity when drinking it as an espresso shot is lost which dulls the taste somewhat and strong coffee drinkers may struggle to detect the flavour.

Using two coffee shots really increased the taste profile and the fruitiness of the coffee really worked well with the sweetness of the milk. Its floral aroma then became more distinctive.

Some people may find using two capsules at a time to be wasteful however. I would not recommend adding sugar or sweetness unless you like your coffees to taste ultra sweet. The fruity aftertaste is superb and is not harsh at all.

Who is this drink for?

If you love light roasts then this drink should be right up your alley. Lighter roasts tend to be more fruity, floral and delicate in their taste profile. If you are not sure about which taste profile is right for you, you may want to do your research to find out which one is likely to suit you.

People that usually have milk and/or sugar with their coffee and want to use less or transition to espressos may find the smoothness of the flavour very appealing.

If you do like latte drinks but do not like a strong coffee flavour then this should work perfectly also.

Who should not buy this drink?

Avoid if you prefer a bolder coffee taste or something with a bit more kick. I would usually recommend to pick a darker roast. 

If you want a Nespresso branded coffee and need something that has a real kick to it, you may want to consider buying their India Master Origin capsules.

Some people may not like the sound of a fruity coffee and want something with a flavour that resembles more like the taste of normal coffee. Again I would pick a darker roast for a richer and more one note flavour. If you like Starbucks, Nespresso also do an Espresso Roast that has a very rich and powerful taste.

If you are looking for a lungo drink you would be better off getting something that is better designed for this. Something like the Starbucks Pike Place Nespresso capsules would be better suited for this type of coffee.

The Main Takeaway.

In this Nespresso Ethiopia review I wanted to balance its great taste against how wide an appeal it would have to other people. It is a fantastic tasting coffee but may only suit people that like light roast espresso shots or gentler, more complex tasting coffees with milk. 

These capsules will not appeal to everyone but it is a great coffee to buy and something I strongly consider if the above applies to you.