Nespresso Indonesia Review: a closer look.

Looking at buying the Master Origins Indonesia Capsules? The coffee inside of these pods are made with a process that is unique to the farmers that produce it. But how does it taste? Have a look at my Nespresso Indonesia review to get more in depth information from someone that has tasted them firsthand. I point out where this coffee falls short and where it really works well.


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Coffee: Nespresso Indonesia Master Origins.

Overall Score: 4/5

Tasting notes: Woody.


  • Bold, woody flavour 
  • Smooth and rounded.
  • Great when paired with milk.


  • Love it or hate taste when drunk black.
  • Woody flavour overpowers the fruity acidity.
  • Drinking it black may be too bitter for some.


This is a drink that will not appeal to everyone but ticks enough boxes to have a wide enough audience that will gain pleasure from it. The background surrounding how this coffee is produced is also really interesting so check that out if you want to learn more.

At a 4/5 roasting level it is a relatively dark roast but is balanced enough that any potential rough edges of taste are smoothed over. The way you drink it will ultimately determine whether this drink is for you though so let me discuss how it works when drunk without milk first. Feel free to skip to the next section if this does not apply to you.

Drinking the Indonesia capsules black.

These coffee pods had quite a strong and earthy aroma after I poured the drink and put it to my lips. It is a sensation that really hits you and the woody tasting notes are quite pronounced. There is also a fruity acidity to this coffee that really is pleasant but is unfortunately overpowered by the other flavours. 

Despite the bold tasting notes, the coffee does go down relatively smoothly although it does leave a slightly bitter aftertaste that lingers for a while. The bitterness was not too prominent although it did leave me wanting to grab a glass of water to refresh my mouth. 

It also has a heavier body than a lighter roast, meaning that it leaves a more powerful sensation in your mouth and is less refreshing than some other coffees. The trade off is that you get a stronger flavour but one that is smooth enough for many people to enjoy.

The major probable sticking point for many people will be the woody tasting notes itself. It is a flavour that many people will either love or leave it. I would describe it as smokey and it is not particularly sweet so have a think about whether this sounds right for you.

Drinking the coffee as a lungo is not bad. The drink is even smoother although the subtle acidity I detected in the espresso completely disappeared. This made the drink taste slightly flat, leaving only the woody flavour. It also had a slightly lighter taste and feel in the mouth.

Drinking the Nespresso India with milk.  

Using milk with this coffee really improves the taste profile if you prefer something sweeter. The bold flavour really blends in well but the milk makes it taste much smoother. It felt a bit more medium bodied in terms of the impact of the sensation in my mouth and lighter in comparison to drinking it as an espresso shot.

The woody tasting profile does get a bit lost with the taste of the milk as does the subtle fruity acidity which gets lost completely. The upside to those that exclusively drink their coffee with milk is that dulling the kick you get when drinking it black will make it appealing to many more people. I did not feel like I had to grab a glass of water every time I took a sip.

The big plus of drinking this with milk is that the flavour is really prominent when you drink it without feeling overwhelming. This is unlike some other Nespresso coffees or especially Nespresso compatible ones that taste weaker and often require two capsules at one time.

Who is this drink for?

This should appeal to anyone that likes milk with their coffee apart from people that prefer a light roast or were expecting the woody flavour to be more prominent when drinking it that way.

It should also work great for people that want a powerful but rounded espresso. It works decent as a lungo but not for people that exclusively drink their coffee like this.

Who is this drink not for?

You should probably pick another coffee if you like lighter, more fruity and acidic drinks as the woody flavour can taste overpowering at times. Consider the Nespresso Ethiopia or Starbucks Blonde Roast if this applies to you.

If you need a black coffee that is more refreshing it probably will not work and the aftertaste really does linger for quite some time.

For lungo coffee drinkers I would choose dedicated lungo capsules such as the Caffe Verona or Pike Place coffee pods.

The key takeaway.

I hope in this Nespresso Indonesia review you have taken some insight into whether this coffee suits you. It works ok in some areas, great in others and only falls down for those who really require an extra smooth black coffee. You should really consider buying if you are looking for a Nespresso capsule that works as a solid all rounder.