Nespresso Roma review: Top reasons to buy this coffee.

The Nespresso ‘Ispirazione’ Roma coffee pods are popular among Nespresso users. They have been designed to kick your taste buds into life with a strong flavour but be smooth enough so that they don’t make you want to reach for the tap to quench your first. So do they do the job? Well in a nutshell, yes. But it depends what you want from a coffee. Read more of my Nespresso Roma review to find out more.


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Review summary.

Coffee: Nespresso Roma

Drinks Fanatic Score: 5/5

Flavour profile:

  • Acidic drink with woodsy, cereal notes.


The Nespresso Roma is a powerful but balanced coffee when drunk as an espresso and very satisfying when milk is added. A solid all rounder.

Official Nespresso Roma Stats:

Full Nespresso Roma review.

To gauge whether you will enjoy this coffee you have to consider where it works best. This is designed to be used as an espresso coffee shot. If you want to drink lungo coffee I suggest you try a different type such as the Pike Place or Verona Starbucks Nespresso pods.

Let’s see how it tastes when drunk as an espresso shot.

How it tastes as an espresso.

The first thing that hits you is the earthy smell and aroma. It is pungent but in a nice way. The ‘woody’ flavour is definitely noticeable without milk and there is an acidic (but subtle) fruity aftertaste too.

It is definitely a powerful coffee in terms of taste. It is a bit on the sour side but not too overwhelming. Like the manufacturer claims, it is ‘balanced’ in the sense that it is a bit smoother than a darker roast and is not overly bitter. On the other hand, those not used to drinking black coffee may be put off.

Another thing that may put people off is the ‘woody’ flavour. Personally, I thought that the combination of this flavour with the subtle fruitiness worked quite well together but I can see it as an acquired taste for some.

In fact, at the start i did not know what to make of the taste but the more i sipped, the better it became.

In terms of body or ‘mouth feel,’ it tasted like a medium roast. So the roast of the coffee was definitely noticeable and felt a bit heavy to drink but was not overly heavy. It wasn’t a drink that made me feel amazingly refreshed either so it depends what you are looking for.

How it tastes with milk.

Adding milk did surprise me a bit in terms of taste in that the flavour became a lot more subtle. No longer did i detect a powerful and woody flavour. Instead it tasted lighter and sweet.

That subtle fruitiness was still there although it was mainly masked by the sweetness of the flavour. If you close your eyes and imagined the kind of flavour you get when you mix cereal with milk that is pretty much what you get.

Like when I drank the Nespresso Roma as an espresso shot, it also got better the more I drank it and I noticed the flavour more and more.

If you normally drink your coffee with milk and was put off by my description of not being too refreshing when talking drinking it as an espresso earlier then fear not. It actually does a lot better on that front when milk is added.

Who should buy this coffee?

This coffee will probably appeal to many people, hence the high score. If you like a strong tasting black coffee this should do the job and even if you don’t, it is rounded enough to not put yourself off entirely whilst you accustom yourself to the taste.

If you like the taste of sweet cereal and you have milk with your coffee, you should get on pretty well with these Nespresso pods too!

Who should steer clear?

Some darker roasts retain their heavy flavour and feel even when milk is added. This did not taste like one of those coffees.

For something on the more powerful side, you may want to try Nespresso’s own India capsules or Indonesia Master Origins for something a bit bolder in flavour. If you want to try something that isn’t a Nespresso own brand, you could also try Starbucks Espresso Roast coffee pods instead.

Another thing to point out is that if you prefer really smooth black coffee then you may wish to choose a lighter roast. Something like the Starbucks Blond Roast or Nespresso Ethiopia capsules could work instead.

In summary.

I hope that this Nespresso Roma review has done a good job of why this coffee is deserving of such a high score. It does well in several areas and should appeal to many people. You could do a lot worse than buying this coffee.