Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee Review: Read This First

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Some people just want a lighter, mellow roast for their coffee. If you are looking for Nespresso pods that do this then check out my Starbucks Blonde Roast review. I discuss what is really liked about this coffee. And some details that could affect whether you buy.

Coffee: Starbucks Blonde Roast Nespresso Pods.

Overall Score: 4/5.

Tasting Notes:

Smooth and mellow.


  • Sweet and vibrant espresso shot.
  • Smooth and sweet with milk.
  • Cons:
  • Tastes flat when drunk as a lungo (long drink).
  • May not be strong enough for some.

This coffee is a lighter roast. It is rated at 6 out of 12 for coffee strength which puts it at the mellower end of the spectrum. This may put off hardcore veterans that need a real intense hit of coffee but it is a really nice drink. Where it really shines is when it is drunk without milk.

Drinking Starbucks Blond Nespresso Pods black.

Drinking this as an espresso is how it appears to have been designed and it is a real pleasure to drink. It had an earthy aroma with nutty undertones as I started to drink it. Not too overpowering but easily detected and very pleasant.

This is a smooth and really easy drink when used as an espresso. It has a fruity acidity. A sweet and light flavour with not much sharpness to it at all. It does not give you an intense flavour hit but it is something that I could easily drink several cups of.

Drinking this coffee as a lungo is an entirely different experience altogether. The drink tasted flat and confused. Much of the vibrant acidity of the espresso shot I tasted earlier had gone and it was less than an enjoyable experience.

The taste profile of this coffee clearly orients it towards being drunk as an espresso shot without milk.

Drinking this coffee with milk.

As you may expect  has a much sweeter aroma with milk. I also detected a hint of nuttiness. 

It is very sweet and light bodied to drink. The aftertaste is nutty although this is subtle and just lingers in the background rather than overpowering you.

Something that may put off some people is that much of its pleasant espresso taste is hidden when you add milk. I drunk it as a latte and so you may want to choose the amount of milk you use wisely if you prefer a stronger tasting coffee. 

This is something I would choose as a light, everyday drink unless you really prefer powerful and one note flavours.

Who is this drink for?

If you like fruity and mellow black coffee then this is an excellent choice. If you are new to black coffee then you may be used to expecting the taste of something bitter and astringent when you remove milk and/or sugar. This drink is nothing like that and it would make a perfect introduction if you are looking to make the transition.

If you are looking for a light bodied, smooth but subtle coffee with milk then this is also a solid choice as long as you are happy with its weaker flavour compared to darker roasts.

Who is this drink not for?

You should really pick a darker roast or something higher up on the Starbucks strength scale if you want a strong tasting coffee. There are Starbucks Nespresso pods that give you a much more intense hit with or without milk, such as its Espresso Roast.

As a lungo it did a really poor job. This is not too much of a criticism as it is advertised as an espresso drink but it is worth mentioning in case you normally have your coffee this way.

Is Starbucks Blonde Roast good compared to other Starbucks Pods?

It comes out on top when it comes to drinking it as an espresso without milk (unless you like dark roasts). When it comes to drinking it with milk it is very similar to others such as Café Verona and Pike Place so you probably would not go wrong with any of them in that respect.

Is Blond Espresso stronger?

Well I have already established that it is weaker than darker roasts. It is definitely on the weaker scale except when compared to its lungo options.

In terms of caffeine, Starbucks does not specify this on its packaging.

Is Blond Espresso stronger than regular?

If by strength you mean taste profile it is bold in terms of masking its presence felt but it is not overly rich. By contrast, the regular espresso pods are way more intense.

Caffeine wise, I could not detect any difference between that and other Starbucks coffees. I would not let its smooth taste fool you into thinking that this is a weaker drink in that aspect. I did not detect any obvious difference between the regular espresso and this drink in terms of its ability to keep me awake.

What is the difference between the Starbucks Blonde and regular?

It is mainly just the taste profile. I found the regular to be fairly uncomplicated. Its intensity meant it took me a while to adjust to its flavour. It has a heavy taste and the aftertaste stayed with me for a long time. 

By contrast, the Blonde Roast is incredibly smooth and easy to drink. They could not be more different so the choice is more down to weather you prefer darker (richer) or lighter (mellow) roasts.

The verdict:

So there you have it. This is an excellent espresso drink and a solid choice with milk. I have knocked off a scoring point just for the fact that it may not appeal to a couple of different types of people.

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