Strangers Coffee review: how good is it?

Norwich is a small city in a the East of England with an interesting history. It’s a place of many shops. A city with one of the most filmed streets in the UK. And did you know that it’s a UNESCO City of Literature? It’s also a place full of wonderful coffee roasters and shops. One such place is Strangers Coffee. They kindly gave me a batch of their Colombian Solidario in exchange for an honest strangers coffee review.   

Strangers Coffee review.

The coffee I have reviewed is a seasonal batch so you may not always find it in store. Having tasted several of their coffees in the past however, this should hopefully give you an idea of the calibre of coffee they provide.

Review summary.

Coffee: Colombian Solidario  

Score: 5/5 

Tasting notes:  Yello Guava, tropical fruit salad and red apple.


With a tart, citrusy flavour, the Colombian Solidario is a smooth drink and a solid every day coffee. When paired with milk, it’s also sweet and fruity. If you are a light coffee drinker, this is a good choice if you prefer vribrant and complex tasting notes. 

Full Strangers Coffee review. 

The Solidario has a wonderful smell when you inhale the fragrance of the coffee bean before using it. It comes in nice and sleek white packaging too. 

In order to taste the coffee for this review, I used a French press and freshly ground the whole beans at home. It’s a nice and versatile coffee in terms of taste so whether you prefer to drink your coffee black or have it with lot of milk, the taste should cater to many people.

First, I’ll discuss how it tasted without milk. 

Drinking the Solidario without milk. 

When brewing and then sipping the coffee I detected a sharp, tangy aroma. The coffee itself is light and refreshing. 

I didn’t feel the need to grab a glass of water and the body of the coffee tasted gentle in term of mouth feel. You could tell the coffee itself had a really good acidity. Like biting into an apple. 

If you aren’t used to drinking speciality coffee then you may associate a typical beverage with a bitter flavour that needs to be modified with milk or sugar. This is the opposite. What you get instead is a coffee that tastes wonderfully smooth and balanced. 

It won’t however give you the harsh, more powerful ‘kick’ that some darker roasts or arabica and robusta blends can provide (if that is what you are looking for). Instead, the Colombian Solidario is more subtle but by no means weak in flavour either. 

Drinking the coffee with milk.

In my experience, many coffees that I’ve bought elsewhere taste slightly different when brewed at home vs buying in store. I love a good latte and thankfully the coffee tastes just as consistent at home as it did when buying coffee direct from their store.

Naturally the milk made the coffee taste much sweeter. Mixed with the fruity tasting notes, this produced an interesting complexion of flavour.

Sometimes the delicate tasting notes of lighter roast coffees can get lost if too much milk is added but in this case it gave the coffee more vibrancy.

If you like to drink your coffee with milk, you’ll most likely find this or any similar bag of coffee beans in their range online to be sweet, light and refreshing with an interesting balance of tasting notes.

Who should buy this coffee?

This and similar coffees sold on their website are top candidates for drinkers looking for coffees with light and fruity flavours. Its smoothness will appeal to a wide variety of people and the fact that it works equally well with or without milk makes it very flexible too.

If you are not used to drinking coffee without milk, this type of coffee bean could be the perfect way to try also.

Who should avoid?

If you prefer to taste more of the roast flavour in your coffee or want something with a bit more ‘kick’ in terms of flavour and mouth feel you may be better off looking at medium to heavy roasted coffee beans in their range.

About Strangers Coffee.

Founded in 2009, they are run by an award winning team of brothers and have several shops in the city. You can also buy their coffee online.

Where do I find out more?

If you’re interested in checking out one of their stores or want to buy Strangers Coffee online, you can check out their website here: