Union Coffee Yayu Forest Review

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No one likes a bad coffee. Overly sour or astringent drinks can literally leave a bad taste in your mouth. Today I am reviewing Union Yayu Forest Coffee. If you are looking for a drink that is smooth, light and a pleasure to drink then this may be the coffee for you.

Coffee: Yayu Wild Forest coffee beans.

Score: 5/5


Smooth black coffee with a fruity acidity.

Velvety and sweet if you drink it with milk.

Lovely and refreshing.


May not be the best choice if you prefer a really strong flavour.

Not for black coffee drinkers that do not like a fruity taste.

Tasting notes:

Bourbon biscuit.

Citrus fruits.

The verdict on Yayu Forest Coffee.

There are many things to commend about this coffee. The packaging itself is straightforward in design but it has a very interesting sleeve. Although this is not the primary thing I judge a coffee on it is nice to get a background story about the company that sourced the coffee beans and where they came from.

When opening the bag for the first time I detected a nutty, almost earthy fragrance with hint of the bourbon biscuits listed in the tasting notes. The aroma of the coffee really accentuated the earthy fragrance when brewing the coffee.

Drinking Yayu Forest coffee without milk.

The coffee tasted very smooth when drunk without milk. The fruity tasting notes really shone through when drinking this way. The flavour was prominent but not overbearing. It is a pleasing drink that is not sour in any way and it left a pleasant aftertaste. It is a balanced and fruity drink. Not too sharp. Not too sweat. The coffee is light on the tongue and I could easily have seen myself drinking several cups of this. A wonderfully complex and pleasurable coffee.

Despite having said all of this, these coffee beans may not be for everyone. If you prefer a stronger coffee or something more one note or less earthy then this may not be suitable for you. This is probably also not the drink of choice for people that do not like coffees with a fruity acidity. The aftertaste lingers for quite some time and this may be off putting for some.

Drinking Yayu Forest coffee with milk.

Drinking the coffee with milk changes its complexion drastically although this in a good way. This is where the tasting notes of bourbon biscuit really shine through. Again, the drink is incredibly smooth and the interaction of this biscuity element with the milk makes it taste much sweeter. It is very vibrant and the sweetness of the coffee is much more prominent here. Like without milk the drink is light bodied and refreshing. In my opinion the aftertaste off the coffee is even stronger when drunk with milk only this time more sweeter. Closing my eyes I could easily imagine myself consuming a drink made with biscuits. A coffee I could easily drink several cups of.

Being a medium strength coffee it does not give you the same kick you may expect from your usual coffee. You may not also like the lingering aftertaste although personally I found this pleasant. Coffee drinkers that are looking for something that is more heavy bodied may also want to look elsewhere.

Who is this coffee for?

This is a perfect coffee if you want a black coffee that is light and not overbearing. It is also a great first choice if you are looking to transition into black coffee and have had trouble acclimatising to the taste. Its balanced tasting notes mean that its flavour is not overpowering and it is simply a joy to drink.

If you want an every day coffee with milk that is sweet and smooth then this coffee bean is also an excellent choice. If you usually put sugar in your coffee and are looking to transition away from doing this then you may be surprised at how good it tastes without sugar.

Who is this coffee not for?

I would pick a different coffee if you want a more traditional coffee taste. It may not also be a good choice if you prefer a more one note, straightforward tasting coffee. This Union coffee bean is a single origin (sourced from one country), medium roast. If you prefer your drinks to have a heavier body then you may choose to go for a darker roast. For those coffee drinkers that have both milk and sugar in their coffees then a you may prefer to choose a coffee blend rather than a single origin although in my experience the drink did taste very sweet without sugar.

About this coffee bean.

According to Union, the name for this coffee originates from the forest in which these coffee beans have been sourced. The Yayu forest is one of the last remaining places for the conservation of wild arabica in the world. In partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Union Coffee has worked together with the farmers at Yayu. The aims of the project are to help protect the biodiversity of the rainforest and improve the livelihoods of the farmers that work there. Unesco have a really interesting page if you want to learn more about the Yayu forest.