Union Gajah Mountain Coffee Review: The lowdown.

If you’ve clicked on this page I can sympathise with your feeling. Gajah Mountain? Ooh sounds exotic. So do hundreds of other coffees. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Read my Union coffee Gajah Mountain Review and you’ll end up learning a lot more.


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Coffee review summary for Union Gajah Mountain

Score: 4/5.

Tasting notes: grapefruit, chocolate truffle and molasses.

Quick verdict:

An excellent drink with milk. Without milk it tasted good but not for everyone.

The full Union Gajah Mountain review.

After opening up the packaging on this coffee I took in a deep breath. The coffee beans have a wonderfully rich chocolate smell. I could almost have sat there all day smelling them!

You will detect most of the advertised tasting notes when drinking this coffee with milk but first I wanted to discuss how this tastes when drunk black.

Drinking the Gajah mountain without milk.

You get a different aroma after grinding the coffee. I used a French Press to brew. It was much more earthy during brew time and when I put it to my lips. A hint of that advertised truffle flavour made itself known although it was very faint.

Drinking this coffee black is a very smooth experience. Kind of like drinking unsweetened dark chocolate. You get a little bit of a sour kick (and this is possibly the ‘grapefruit’ flavour) although I didn’t feel overwhelmed. 

When thinking of black coffee without sugar or milk, many people imagine something bitter and horrible. This is nothing like that and if you are used to drinking black coffee then you will probably really like it. It may be a bit of an acquired taste for others however. 

The Gajah Mountain isn’t the lightest of drinks. Again it wasn’t that the heaviness of the drink overwhelmed me instantly. But the more that I drank, the thirstier I got. It accumulates over time and can leave you feeling thirsty if you are not used to it.

Drinking the coffee with milk.

This is a lovely coffee to have with milk. The molasses and chocolate truffle notes are definitely noticeable. 

At first they appeared quite subtle but after acclimatising to the taste I really started to notice the sugary notes paired with the roast of the coffee and the sweetness of the milk. 

As with many coffees when milk is added, the drink is a bit lighter. I used 50/50 milk with coffee and found that this combination made the coffee taste nice and sweet without losing to much of the coffee’s character or flavour.

Who should drink this coffee?

This coffee will probably appeal to many people apart from a handful of different camps. 

It is pretty smooth to drink with or without milk. The tasting notes with milk are a real joy and I could easily drink this every day without question. It is pretty solid to drink without milk too and I think even people new to black coffee could probably learn to love it with a little adjustment.

Does that make it the perfect coffee for everyone? Well no not really. I’m not sure if there is a perfect coffee that everyone will like. Although there are aspects to this coffee that mean it made not have as wide an appeal as it could have to certain people.

Who shouldn’t drink this coffee?

Some people like really strong flavoured and harsh coffee. I’m not one of them. If you like your coffee harsh, bittersweet or like a rocket in the mouth then you may want to pick a dark roasted coffee that advertises those kinds of stronger flavours. 

Alternatively you could try this coffee and mix it with a harsher robusta coffee to give you a balance between that and the softer notes of arabica bean flavours.

I’ve not drunk all of Union Roasted’s coffee but it’s not the best one I have tasted either. Their Yayu Forest coffee beans are a delight to drink with or without milk and you may want to consider this option too. If you want to taste a really light and fruity black coffee then this will work better for you. In my option, this coffee tastes far better without milk. It tastes excellent with milk too.

Yay or nay?

I’m a big fan of Union Roasted Coffee and I think they did a good job with their Gajah Mountain coffee beans. It does just enough to appeal to a wide enough audience, which is why I’ve scored it 4/5. 

Where it is let down is without milk. In my opinion it tasted a bit underwhelming but that could be biased by the fact that I’ve already tasted different coffees in the Union Coffee range. 

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